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Kingdom Life Church (KLC) is in a new season in 2021. Founded in 1984 (as Anchorage Christian Center), in 2018 we began a transition from our identity as Anchorage City Church, to our new identity as Kingdom Life Church in 2020.  We believe Jesus' reference to "this gospel of the Kingdom" (Matthew 24:14), and other biblical references, is a call for the Christian Church to function locally yet think globally -  to actively engage each sphere of the world with the Gospel message and outreaches. We, therefore, seek to be a growing, multicultural community of worshippers focused on influencing our city and world by living the influential  lifestyle of Jesus in every sphere. "Living the Life" of Jesus according to John 14:6, is reflected in the

7 core values below...

living the life

our CORE values

Love, Language, Laughter, Longing, Logic, Launching, and Life

  • Love

    We value demonstrating the Love of Jesus [our King] with and for all people (John 3:16).

  • language

    We value teaching and speaking the truth of Scripture as Jesus did while on earth (Luke Chapter 4: 1-12).

  • Laughter

    Laughter has to do with fellowship or relationship. We value spending time with people and getting to know each other's story (Acts 2:42-47). 

  • longing

    We value the pursuits of Jesus: people lost without Him (John 4:34).

  • logic

    In the 21st Century, Kingdom people should be "wise as serpents and yet harmless as doves." We value teaching how to think strategically and influentially, as Jesus did in Scriptures (John 8:1-11).

  • Launching

    Equipping and sending people to fulfill their God-given calling is part of our value for launching: weekly and through missions initiatives (Luke 9:1; 10: 1-20)

  • life

    We value pursuing and embracing the fullness of the Holy Spirit (Luke 10:21).