More Prayer                           Team

freedom through prayer

Let's be real: Many things people face in this life cannot be solved through therapy, positive thinking, or a change in diet, alone. Many challenges we face are spiritual at the root and require supernatural intervention. For this we also turn to Prayer. We offer prayer times on Sundays, within Life Groups, and through a Team Approach on Monday evenings, and Tuesday mornings. We call our team approach MORE PRAYER. More Prayer is a time when a team of KLC members will pray for your spiritual freedom in whatever area you need. 


1. We require that each person prayed for be willing to sweep their lives clean of all access points of evil (that lead to spiritual bondage).

2. We pray with Compassion and Humility.

3. We believe, in cases of trauma, that referral to professionals sources may be needed. 

4. We pray with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

5. We believe that all persons prayed for should be directed into Community (Life groups with other followers of Jesus).

If you would like to be prayed for by a MORE PRAYER Team call 907.349.5433 or email Kingdom Life Church.