Our partnerships with different churches and organizations is  strategic to our vision: to bring Kingdom influence through collaboration and partnership. We are invested, involved and connected in these partnerships for the long run, learning from one another and ministering to one another. We initiate partnerships and maintain them by mutual agreement. Our partnerships are not just horizontal, but vertical - helping while being helped. 

Partnership with kaleo church

Because we believe that Christians should work together to influence the world with the Gospel, we're excited to partner with Kaleo Church in sharing this space. Kaleo, in Greek, means "to call" and Pastor Chris Cha and the leadership of Kaleo have heard the call of God to help reach Anchorage and beyond with a unique style of ministry. Welcome Kaleo!

Our Mission partners

Upward of  80% Kingdom Life missions giving goes to support local missions efforts. The remainder of support given is for foreign missionaries. 


    AGRM continues to reach Alaskans experiencing homelessness and hardship with the good new about Jesus. 

  • beacon hill alaska

    Beacon Hill was launched from Kingdom Life Church (formerly City Church) in December 2009. Beacon Hill partners with government agencies to provide safe housing and support for vulnerable children under the care of the State of Alaska. 

  • chi alpha - anchorage

    Chi - Alpha is a college - age and young adult outreach ministry that reaches college-aged students within Alaska with the Gospel. 

  • crisis pregnacy center

    CPC has a long history of providing biblical alternatives to abortion for young expectant mothers in crisis. 

  • downtown hope center

    The Hope Center also has a long history of providing direct support (food, clothing, and shelter) to some of Anchorage's most vulnerable citizens experiencing homelessness.

  • Cambodia 316

    Through Cambodia 316, we hope to educate, equip, and bring hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ to the children and youth of Cambodia.